Great housing needs partnerships

Housing is hard. This can be easy to forget but is crucial to acknowledge. Finding solutions to existing housing problems while trying to predict the housing needs of the future is not only difficult, but loaded with emotion. Not surprisingly, we all have an opinion of what housing should and could be, as we bring our lived experiences to the discussion. However, many housing issues are universal and can benefit enormously from housing research partnerhips.

Regardless of their size and location, many of our cities are attempting to answer the same series of questions:

how do we accommodate a growing population?

how do we limit urban sprawl?

how do we facilitate strong connections to services?

how do we create housing that suits changing demographics?

how do we make existing housing fit our contemporary needs?

how do we achieve change without losing what we know and love?

and who is going to make change happen?

Adelaide is not Sydney and Sydney is not Los Angeles, but our housing issues are remarkably similar - we just launch off different bases while heading in the same direction.

Great housing needs partnerships, and contact is always welcomed from others working through the same set of questions. Through his work at UniSA Creative, Damian has enjoyed working with a variety of collaborators and stakeholders including . . .