House F

Sometimes people live where they work.

An inner-suburban symmetrical cottage, House F takes advantage of its two street frontages, providing business use at one end and private living at the other. The existing cottage, arranged conventionally as a three bedroom house via the addition of a small footprint kitchen/dining space and wet area, operates as consulting rooms. A small detached two storey backyard building provides a one bedroom apartment.

How the house operates is up to the users: an office with a small house, a house with a small office, one larger office spread over two buildings, or two detached dwellings with a shared garden. The two buildings, arranged around a significant tree and connected with a wisteria-covered pergola, provide flexibility of use simply by the manner in which they are occupied.

Each space, no matter how it is used, affords garden views, where the subdued tones of the buildings act as backdrops to greenery.

House F