House F

Sometimes people live where they work

House H

Household structures change: children grow up

House L

More and more, people are working from home

House P

Sometimes house extensions happen in the front yard

An aerial photograph of a typical Bluefield Housing neighbourhood in Adelaide, South Australia. It shows the original character housing, plus a range of ad-hoc rear additions that have accumulated over time.

What is Bluefield Housing?

A definition of the Bluefield Housing model

An image of Damian Madigan's Bluefield Housing model for established neighbourhoods, showing an older lady walking across a shared deck from one dwelling to another. This image is from the Cohousing for Ageing Well project - a housing research partnership with local and state government.

Housing research partnerships

Housing innovation requires partnerships across government, industry and academia

An image by Damian Madigan of the infill housing design scheme for the LA Low Rise Design Challenge, showing the rooflines of three dwellings on the one lot.

Fourflex – LA Low Rise

An LA Low-Rise Design Challenge entry with Dr Alysia Bennett

Alternative Infill

Damian's illustrated PhD thesis, exploring infill housing for established suburbs

An isometric drawing by Damian Madigan for the South Australian State Goverment, showing minimum landscpae requirements for new infill development.

Raising the Bar on Residential Infill

Contract research interpreting, testing and communicating housing policy

An image of Damian Madigan's Bluefield Housing model for established neighbourhoods, showing two women and a dog in a shared garden, with two small homes facing the garden.

Cohousing for Ageing Well

A partnered design research project in the Bluefield Housing model

The Missing Middle

A winning entry for the NSW Missing Middle design competition

A Missing Middle Case Study

A missing middle case study for the SA Government